Publications being either at the start or the ending point of each show, the 6 exhibitions of Fruit Exhibition 2018 present a number of different subjects, techniques and medias; however, they all have a common feature: they create a new way to read and represent human beings and reality inviting the viewer to look at reality under a different perspective.

As for the last couple of years, Fruit Exhibition 6 reinforces its urban network with an off site project. But not just that!

This year Fruit invites you to meet the artists in a short program of free guided tours.

It is possible to take part to the free guided tours simply registering at FRUIT INFO POINT
up to 10 minutes before the start.


Ven. 02 e Sab. 03/02, h.17:30 – Artist free guided tour
Dom. 04/02, h.14:30 – Sala di Re Enzo: LIMES vs MIGRANT JOURNAL
h.15:30 – Artist free guided tour

Ven. 02 e Sab. 03/02, h.18:00 – Curator free guided tour
Dom. 04/02, 12:30 – Sala di Re Enzo: + 1000 MILLARD
13:30 – Artist free guided tour

Ven. 02 e Sab. 03/02, h.19:00 – Artist free guided tour
Dom. 04/02, h.16:30 – Artist free guided tour

Fruit Exhibition 2018 program of exhibition is curated by Isadora Liquori.

+ 1000 MILLARD

by Peter Millard
curated by Stefano Riba and Claudia Polizzi
Palazzo Re Enzo, 02-04 February 2018

During the week spent in Bolzano at the artist residency DI.DA, the artist created a series of charcoal sketches starting from a specific perspective of the mountains and the landscape. The drawings then became frames for a movie, that will be presented for the first time at Fruit Exhibition 8, and the pages of his first artist’s book, whose editorial project was edited by Claudia Polizzi.
The project was supported by Bolzano City Council.


by Laura Canali
curated by Laura Canali
Palazzo Re Enzo, 02-04 February 2017


The Mediterranean Sea is the beating heart of a world made of countries we have been dealing with for centuries.
However, the horizon of the Sea appears now threatening to us. Wars and migrants force us to push our gaze beyond the dunes of the Sahara desert.
In fact, it is only by facing the reality that we can understand what is going on nowadays.



Artist cartographer, Laura Canali draws for the Italian geopolitical magazine Limes, from the GEDI Group.
She collaborated with: L’Espresso, iViaggi di Repubblica, National Geographic Italia, Casa Editrice Paravia e Pearson, Repubblica TV, World Bank, MacroGeo and Barilla.
She exhibited, among others, at MAXXI B.A.S.E. (Rome), at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale Common Ground, in Washington DC; World Bank, Abu Dhabi. She writes regularly for the column Embroidering the world [Ricamando il mondo], on the website: www.limesonline.com


Novità editoriali by Daniela Comani
by Daniela Comani
Palazzo Re Enzo, 02-04 February 2018


Using the trompe-l’oeil technique, Daniela Comani creates the representation of a bookshelf presenting her New Bookstore: with an upturning of the sexual genres in the titles of books so familiar to the beholder, the artist proposes a reinterpretation of the most important novels of Western literature in a completely new way.



Daniela Comani, born in Bologna, lives and works in Berlin since 1989. Her work focuses on the theme of identity, genres and social stereotypes, themes that she elaborates in different medias.


curated by La Falla
Palazzo Re Enzo, 02-04 February 2018


with Flavia Biondi, Simone Cortes, Francesco Cattani, Julie Maroh, Nicolò Pellizzon, Jacopo Camagni, Andrea Madalena, Cristina Portolano, Massimiliano Sacco, AZT, Gaetano Dimauro, Vinnie Palombino, Valeria Bertolini, Andrea Talevi, Marco B. Bucci, Claudio Bindella, Giovanni Munari, Freddelanka, Davide Pighin, Gianluca Sturmann, Lukesure, Sara Colaone, Giulio Macaione, Gli Infanti, Mattia Surroz, Tony Finocchiaro, Fraopic, Carmen Ebanista, Giopota


La Falla was founded on December 2014 and it is not just your regular magazine!
In fact, right from the start, each issue includes a free, unpublished poster, created by different artists specifically for the magazine’s readers and addressing the hottest LGBT+ topics, transforming the publication in a real collector’s item.
I Colori che Cambiano il Mondo collects and shows the first 31 posters published with La Falla: from photo-style to comics, from traditional drawing to digital techniques, the 31 artworks on show are a journey through the ever-changing LGBT+ movement and its colors and shapes.


La Falla is the monthly magazine published by Cassero LGBT Center, Bologna’s provincial association promoting LGBT+ rights. Cassero LGBT Center is an active place for cultural promotion and development of community and social services.


by Giovanni Catania aka The Green Cut
published by PROTT Edizioni
Palazzo Re Enzo, 02-04 February 2018


In the fetal phase, before any other sense develops, the first channel of perception is hearing. A primordial form of hearing able to discriminate sounds through vibrations and frequencies.
A question raises from this thought. A questions that needs to be answered: for human beings quantifying, qualifying and measuring the reality is a natural need; is it possible then to obtain an exact correspondence between sound and image? Noisy Trip is the answer to this question.



Giovanni Catania, aka The Green Cut, studies in three different Italian Academies of Fine Arts, studying Painting in Lecce and Florence (where Noisy Trip was born in 2015), and Comics in Bologna. The artist exhibits his works all around the world, amongst which being the highlight of Brescia Biennial and at the Trierenberg Supercircuit in Austria. He has collaborated with several publishers as editor and illustrator, opening his own publishing house, Prott Edizioni, in 2015, but in the end his dream is still to be a cook for the rest of his life.


Over 50 authors reinvent the concept of “book”
by Chippendale Studio
in collaboration with Capodilucca Creative Hub
Capodilucca Creative Hub, 02-04 Febbraio 2017
Via Capo di Lucca 12-12A

Fri 02/02 – 18:00-22:00
Sat 03/02 an Sun 04/02 – 11:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00

Mon 05/02 – Fri 09/02 – On appointment


Thu 01/02 – h.19:00 – OPENING
Sun 04/02 – h.11:00 – RIVERSIDE BREAKFAST

Explosion, burst, shots, rift, gash… the exhibition title suggest a number of different meanings. However, each one of these terms connect with the idea of change.
Burst, in scientific jargon, also means a swift but temporary rise of measures: a peak, a swing.
That’s exactly what the authors recreate with their books, realized during the workshop Dummy Photobook curated by Chippendale Studio: swinging in and out the fixed schemes of publishing, they break the books up – burst – in a number of different visual perspective.