10th edition


DumBO, via Casarini 19, Bologna


Friday 30 > 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday 1 > 11 a.m. – midnight
Sunday 2 > 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.


Friday 30 > 5 p.m. – midnight
Saturday 1 > 11 a.m. – midnight
Sunday 2 > 11 a.m. – midnight

Friday 30 September

H 5 p.m.

H 6 p.m.
Invitation to the voyage – On the move.
The journey of images: the possibilities of semantic transformation of a project through the metamorphosis of a medium and its manifestations from the wall to the publishing format.
With Francesca Crisafulli – artist and educator, and Chiara Capodici.
H 7 p.m.
Frute × Robida: how doing publishing intersects with doing community
Taking the opportunity to present the new issue of Robida coming out, a dialogue between Robida and Frute, peripheral magazines, for a reflection on marginality, boundaries and practices of liminal theorising in independent publishing.
With Cecilia Cappelli and Lucia Gasti – Frute and Vida Rucli – Robida.
H 8 p.m.
Invitation to the voyage – Space.
The Europeans in the time of Europe.
The Europeans is a decade-long collaboration between writer Arnold van Bruggen and photographer Rob Hornstra, in their second collaboration after working together on The Sochi Project, a five-year work dedicated to the region around Sochi, the Russian resort where the 2014 Winter Olympics took place.
With Rob Hornstra – photographer.
H 9 p.m.
Hardly anyone laughed out loud.
Pastoraccia in dialogue with Matteo Gaspari about his new comic book published by Canicola edizioni, Almost Nobody Laughed Out Loud.
A metaphysical tale that oscillates between truth and lies. An apathetic man and a forgotten girl. A slow detection that embodies the mystery of the everyday and the wonder of absence. Still and laconic spaces of a suspended reality, under a spell.
H 10.30 p.m.
Sigaretten Ensemble/Concerto disegnato/033

Sigaretten Ensemble is a performance that combines musical improvisation and drawing in a unique spectacle that stems from the human and artistic exchange between the parties: a musician, ten artists/drawers and the community of people present.



Saturday 1 October

H 11 a.m.

H 12 a.m.
PREVIEW of the documentary by Emanuele Angiuli.
Running time 85 minutes. 
With Cannibale, Frigidaire, Orient Express, Valvoline, Dolce Vita, Fuego, Cyborg, Mondo Mongo, Zero, Nova Express, Kappa Magazine, Mondo Naif.
Followed by a debate with Emanuele Angiuli – director, Marco Bernardi – President of the Luigi Bernardi Association and Otto Gabos – author.

From the late 1970s until 1996, the city of Bologna was an important centre of comic book magazine publishing in Italy. This period was characterised by the first newsstand issues of a new form of comic book magazines, the art comic book magazines.


H 3 p.m.
Cartoon drawing. An artistic language on the rise.
With Emilio Varrà – publisher and Stefano Ricci – artist

If comics in Italy is experiencing a golden age, it is due to the affirmation of the graphic novel which, over the last thirty years, has been able to make room for the whole comic strip in the collective imagination.

H 4 p.m.
A puro caso – A journey through time and space, an exploration of memory as a cue for the investigation of the contemporary landscape.
Presentation of the winning project of the F.I.P. Fruit Indie Publishing 2021 award.
With Marcello Ruvidotti – photographer and videomaker and Giorgia Vanzolini – De Pietri Artphilein Foundation (Lugano)
H 5 p.m.
Swiss artists’ books. The Artist’s Book in Switzerland and the World.
With Stefano W. Pasquini – artist, curator and writer, and Susanne Bieri – art historian and researcher.
Stefano W. Pasquini talks with Susanne Bieri, author of the book Swiss Artist’s Books about the artist’s book archive of the Swiss National Library in Bern and the future of this artistic practice.
H 6 p.m.
Invitation to the voyage – Time.
Presentation of the book Future Memories, by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, published by Edition Patrick Frey.
Future Memories: how have our visions of the future changed, how are they conditioned by our past and how do they influence our present?
With Nico Krebs – artist and Chiara Capodici.
H 7 p.m.
From the sheet to the street. Drawing in urban art between intimacy and public space.
With Claudio Musso – Art critic and independent curator. Lecturer at the G. Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo.

Claudio Musso is an art critic and independent curator. He teaches at the G. Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo, where he is coordinator of the Painting course; Eugenio Sidoli – collector and founder of SpazioC21 (Reggio Emilia) – business manager and lecturer at the Bologna Business School; 108 – artist “Dark, pushed to the zero degree, declined in an eclectic and radical key” is one of the first and greatest representatives of abstract post-graffitism at national and European level.

H 9 p.m.
Screening of Enza Negroni’s documentary on the great calligrapher Barbara Calzolari.
Running time 67 minutes.
The film will be presented by Enza Negroni – director, Barbara Calzolari – protagonist, Valeria Consolo – producer.

It is the ‘story in fine point’ of a success pursued with determination and far from popularity, devoting herself entirely to calligraphy. Barbara Calzolari, an artist from Bologna, is the first woman to receive the Penman Master’s degree from IAMPETH, the world’s largest calligraphy association.



Sunday 2 October

H 11 a.m.

H 11.30 a.m.
Documentary screening by Emanuele Angiuli
Running time 90 minutes.

Small Group in Multiplication is a film about that graphic, literary and political experience in which, perhaps for the last time, imagination takes the lead. Before yielding – perhaps forever, but who knows – to the grim violence of the bankers.

H 1 p.m. / 3 p.m.
Six projects that impressed us most, from the Fruit X market.
H 3 p.m.
Invitation to travel – Interconnections.
Visions of travel and crossings of space, time and identity.
With Cristina Marasti – Iperborea; Marco Agosta – The Passenger; Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi – Numero Cromatico; Federica Boragina and Giulia Brivio – Studio Boîte.
H 5 p.m.
Collecting works on paper. Sergio Cereda’s collection of illustrations.
With Sergio Cereda – collector, in dialogue with Fausto Gilberti – artist and Andrea Losavio – gallery owner.

Sergio Cereda is one of Italy’s most important collectors of illustration. He boasts an extensive collection of drawings, illustrations and comic strips. Works on paper that tell themes, days, years, stories of our age and our customs. A precious collection that has grown piece by piece over half a century.

H 6 p.m.
Contemporary Design and the Art Market. Trends and perspectives.
We discuss this with Irina Zucca Alessandrelli – curator; Antonio De Falco – independent curator and Massimo Pulini – painter, writer and art historian.

From 2007 to the present day, there have been many trade fair events created to support and disseminate contemporary drawing among collectors. From Drawing Now in Paris, Art on paper in Brussels, Drawing Room, first in Madrid and then in Lisbon, Artissima, which since 2017 has expanded with the Drawings section, to the very latest Drawing Week in Milan, an initiative this year in its second edition, curated by Collezione Ramo in Milan.
It really seems that in recent years, even the art market has recognised and wants to reward drawing as an autonomous and accomplished form to be exhibited and collected.

H 7 p.m.
Image based types. Designing a typeface from an image
Presentation of the publishing project.
With Matteo Bertin – art director, graphic designer and author of the book Image based types.

Matteo Bertin – freelance art director and graphic designer specialising in visual identity, publishing and digital design. He graduated in industrial design in the early 2000s from the IUAV in Venice and immediately started working as a graphic designer at various communication studios and agencies. In 2011, he set up the typographic printing workshop La’Mas. Since 2018, he has been freelancing and working on visual communication for companies and cultural institutions.

H 8 p.m.
In piena luce” – In full light. A fanzine for the 40-year history of the Cassero.
With Sara De Giovanni: archivist at the Documentation Centre “Flavia Madaschi” Cassero LGBTI Center, Bologna; Eugenio Nittolo and Andre Tognan, Laboratorio Zanna Dura in Turin – Fanzines, serigraphy, drawing; Enea Brigatti: assistant editor of Archivio Magazine.

Presentation of the fanzine edited by Archivio Magazine and Laboratorio Zanna Dura, printed with the contribution of UNAR in the framework of A lunga conservazione: a project of census, valorisation, digitisation of the LGBT documentary heritage preserved in the Archive of the Documentation Centre Flavia Madaschi Arcigay Il Cassero in Bologna.




La strategia del pattìnoThe strategy of the skate
An exhibition by Francesca Crisafulli.
Curated by Chiara Capodici.

Photography is in this exhibition a stepping stone, sometimes a pebble, or at least mostly used as such.

What happens when you are a little offshore and let your boat drift?
Pulling the oars in the boat, you let yourself be carried away by the current, you lean towards a world where surprises, other life forms, other beings, appear from the surface of the water.
We know, images, in general, lend themselves well to free associations. But every now and then we must also seek strategies that open up other paths.

A puro caso – A pure chance
A journey through time and space, an exploration of memory as a cue for the investigation of the contemporary landscape.
On exhibition are the photographs that went into the FIP – Fruit Indie Publishing 2021 award-winning publication of the same name.
By Marcello Ruvidotti – photographer and videomaker.

In collaborazione con Arci Bologna.
Con il sostegno della Regione Emilia-Romagna, del Comune di Bologna e della Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.