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every day during the festival

Live drawing performance di Loris Dogana
curated by Serendippo

What is the Sketching Challenge?
It’s a collaboration game, a challenge or, as the artst itself says “a a quicky in the elevator with art”
Loris Dogana is a versatile, hard-to frame artist. Illustrator, tattoo-artist, actor, Loris wants to represent reality unveiling the pradoxes of human relationships.
His works are a crossover of pop and high culture, philopsophy and humor. In his unexpected style, human and not mix up to tell a tale about existence under an unforeseen light.
Sketching Challenge is a people-specific performance that investigates the relationship between the artist and its audience. Participants will become an active part of it and help in the creation of the artworks.
Throughout the 3 days of Fruit Exhbition, Loris’ sketchbook will turn into an investigation tool, its aim to represent the people populating the fleeting setting of the festival, both audience and artists.
The humanity present at the fair will be food for the Sketching Challenge, and the outcome will be Shake, a self-published publication collecting all the skectches created during the fair. 

Game’s Rules
– People from the audience write down one of their dreams or nightmares, hopes or fears and leave the note in the challenge box.
– The artist pick a random piece of paper form the box, and the challenge begins!
– In the10 minutes the artist will create an artwork live in front of his audience
– Loris’ motto will be “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, even if it hurts”

The artist grants to use all his artistic rudeness and ask his audience to be as much wild