Deadline extended by and no later than 12:00 PM (UTC +1) on 06/30/21.

Fruit Exhibition and Favini, the historic Italian paper mill, are looking for unpublished editorial projects (not yet realized) to be produced and distributed. 

Today we resume from where we were stopped last year, but this time around with a different awareness. We recover the idea of the journey that one year ago we proposed as the focus of the eighth edition of Fruit Exhibition. This time we chose this theme for the second edition of the FIP award, realized in collaboration with Favini, for the production of an unpublished work.

The theme of journey travels along a vast spectrum: physical, emotional, visual, sound, prevented, realized, imagined, infinite, never started, suspended, postponed.
In the last decade, independent publishing has often proposed an unusual glance at the theme of journey as a narrative of a movement that unfolds page after page and that has never been charged before with such evocative power.
The theme will explore experiences of itineraries, visual stories that combine poetry and information often told from the artistic point of view of writers, photographers, designers and artists.

If you are a publisher, an artist, a printer, a musician and you have dealt with the idea of journey and if you have visual, sound and editorial projects that you want to realize in order to unveil unpublished aspects of this theme, also in the light of the forced static nature of this past year, we would be honored to receive, view and maybe award your work. We will be joined by Favini and an international panel of judges that will be unveiled in the coming weeks.The contest is free and open to all artists and publishers who are going to submit an unpublished editorial project that investigates the theme of journey and that stands out for its technical and formal research in relation to the content.
Each participant may submit one or more editorial proposals in digital format, using any technique, by and no later than 12:00 PM (UTC +1) on 06/30/21.