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Imagery creation workshop & art performance by Erik Kessels and Chantal Rens

In a performative workshop, dutch artists Erik Kessels and Chantal Rens will ask contenders to create playful images and collages. We live in a time where we’re overwhelmed with images, but do we still look at them? Rens and Kessels will try to open up the way you look at imagery and how you could look at them in an alternative way.

Contenders will find, compose and construct imagery that has a certain ‘humorous’ effect on others.

The numerous images produced in the workshop will be material for the Art Tattoo Shop, where visitors of the festival are able to apply these recently made artworks to their body and take them literally back home (all tattoos are temporary and will last only for a few days).
People visiting the festival will in fact be able to get a tattoo of there choice placed. The combination of the image and where it’s placed on the body will also have a surprising and exhilarating effect!

Participants must bring their own: laptop, camera, 5 magazine to cut out images from, scissors, glue and drawing tools.

Tutors: Erik Kessels & Chantal Rens
Max. 20 participants
Teaching language: English
Saturday 02/02 – h.10.30 am
Duration: 3h
Where: Palazzo Isolani, via Santo Stefano 16, Bologna, Italy

Registration fees: 50 

the price of the workshop includes the event ticket