+ 1000 millard: EXHIBITION + SCREENING

Sala degli Atti | Palazzo Re Enzo, 02-04 February 2018
Exhibition by Peter Millard
curated by Stefano Riba and Claudia Polizzi

Peter Millard works mostly with video animation, showing his films and receiving awards all over the world, the last one a few weeks ago: the Best British Film Award at the London International Animation Festival.
DI DA, like the first two prepositions of the Italian language, is a project of home art-residencies;
DI (by) stands for the definition of authoriality, the artist and the guests whose artworks are made by;
DA (from) stands for “our home”, where the art is created, but also so the place where the guests are from.
In Italian, prepositions are the part of the sentence that connect words and create meaning; similarly, the artist residency creates a bond between the artist and the host-party to create something new.
During the week spent in Bolzano, the artist created a series of charcoal sketches starting from a specific perspective of the mountains and the landscape. The drawings then became frames for a movie, that will be presented for the first time at Fruit, and the pages of his first artist’s book, whose editorial project was edited by Claudia Polizzi.
The project is possible thanks to the contribution of the Italian Culture section of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

SUNDAY 4th 2018, H. 12:15 PM