KITCHEN LITHO – “home-made” lithography printing lab

Curated by Landskap Laboratorio Creativo
Sunday, 04 February 2018; 14:00-19:00
Participation fees: € 70,00
Min. 9 / Max. 14 people

Kitchen Litho, invented by Émilie Aizier, is a fun and easy printing method.
Although it comes from lithography, and uses similar techniques, you can use different materials easy to find in everyday life. Tinfoil is in fact used as matrix while coke is the mordant.

You will be able to use a variety of tools like pencils for lithography, printing inks, oil crayons and indelible markers. But not just that! Whoever wants to create prints using something personal, you can bring your own stuff, but we advise you to use things that aren’t too thick or easily damageable by contact with the ink, such as doilies, textiles with relief, leaves, flowers or tree branches, brushes and black markers of any thickness.

The workshop is open to anyone with no necessary knowledge of lithography techniques, and at the end each participant will take home their own self-made prints, a brochure to repeat the workshop at home and a lithography pencil.