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Saturday, 3rd February 2018, Bologna

Registration fees: € 160,00
Min. 12 – Max. 20 participants

Class will be taught in English

Failure is important.

If you’re not willing to humiliate yourself, make mistakes and downright fuck-up, you should consider working in a cubicle farm. It’s safer there.

Because as a creative, you’ll be called an idiot at least once a day.

That’s okay.

Making mistakes and failures, is how you progress.

Without it, you’ll be stuck in the same old safe zone.

In other words: boring.

So if we want to do this thing we love, make stuff, we have to get over our need not to fail.

We live in an age where most of our tools we use are close to perfection. Our computers, phones, applications and navigation systems make no mistakes. Perfection is not a really good starting point to create new ideas, so to sometimes deliberately go towards a mistake and from their find a new direction is actually something good. Society teaches us to avoid mistakes, but for creative people and innovators they are essential.

Erik Kessels will speak about his new book Failed It! How mistakes inspire him and how he makes works out of it. In a short workshop he will force student to fail and fuck up.

Participants MUST bring with them:

  • Laptop
  • Digital camera
  • 1 printed portfolio of 10 A4 pages

INFO: segreteria@fruitexhibition.com