Stack is the magazine subscription service with a difference. Every month the editorial staff select a different independent title and deliver it to thousands of subscribers around the world – you never know what we’re going to send out next, but you do know it will be a beautiful, intelligent magazine you probably wouldn’t otherwise have come across.

“Our subscribers come to us because they want to be surprised by an unexpected piece of print from outside the mainstream, so while we can’t reveal which magazines we’re going to be sending out next, we can give some detail on the ones we delivered recently” explain Stack founder Steven Watson.


October – Double Dagger
An amazing letterpress magazine created by The Whittington Press in the UK, Double Dagger is a brilliant example of an old technology being used to create a totally fresh and original piece of print. The colours are incredibly vivid and the design is really adventurous, luxuriating in all the space afforded by their big, tall pages.

September – The Move
A new magazine that has emerged out of London’s underground music scene, The Move encapsulates the energy, experimentation and outright silly behaviour behind the tunes playing on the capital’s dancefloors. I love the way a magazine can drop you right in the heart of a subculture, and The Move does that brilliantly well.

August – Racquet
Published in New York, Racquet is a tennis magazine for people who don’t like tennis magazines. Instead of focusing on results, statistics and rankings, it uses the sport as a starting point for telling broader stories about art, rivalry, victory and defeat. A beautiful magazine, with playful graphic design and a fastidious eye for detail, this is well worth a read regardless of your sporting inclinations.

July – Accent
This is a photography magazine that stands out from the crowd with its silver cover lines and bright primary colours, catching your eye on the turn of every page with its eccentric, eclectic and broad-minded real life stories. We delivered this alongside a free magazine from Lecture in Progress, the new project by It’s Nice That.

June – Migrant Journal
Migrant Journal is a masterful piece of publishing that takes an artistic view of one of the defining issues of our time.The movement of people and things around the world is drastically changing our human experience, and this magazine provides a fresh perspective on the forces that allow and encourage such unprecedented migration. (Migrant will be at Fruit 2018 n.d.r)

May – Anxy
Published in San Francisco, Anxy exists to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. This launch edition is dedicated to anger in all its forms, and it delivers an affecting and incredibly intimate portrait of people and their experiences of anger.

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