The next Book and the Book after that

Curated by EEE Studio – Emilio Macchia e Erica Preli
Friday and Saturday, 02-03 February 2018
Participation fees: € 85,00
Min. 9 / Max. 15 people

Ideally, all books start with a question. The clear the question, the more precise the answer, but this is rarely that case. You have to find out what the question is. Sometimes those involved need to sit together for days, weeks, months before a book takes shape – and then I am not even talking about its design, but the shape of the content. As designers we are as responsible for content as anyone else.

Armand Mevis
(Every Book Starts with an Idea: Notes for Designers. In The form of the book book, edited by Sara De Bondt and Fraser Muggeridge)

During the workshop we will work on the issues related to a book’s creation, considering the relation between form and content, pages’ moving space, typography used as a voice. First, the tutors will present a selection of publications considered relevant from the point of view of contents, form , printing quality and all the special features that characterize the book planning. Participants will be invited to present a personal publications’ selection with the purpose to investigate them and create links, ideas, thoughts and interpretations realizing a ‘personal atlas’ of selected books. The aim of the workshop is to produce a publication and to confront participants with the problem of recreation of books in the book: from the selection procedure to images and text editing; from the book pattern to printing and packaging.

Participants MUST BRING their own
• Laptop
• Digital camera
• Drawing material and stationery (pencils, rubbers, cutters, glue, pens, markers etc)
• Sketchbook / A4 paper