INCOMPIUTO: The Birth of a Style

Sat, 02nd February, h.16:00, Conference Room, Palazzo Isolani

INCOMPIUTO: The Birth of a Style is the first and only study – the result of ten years of fieldwork – of a phenomenon frequently discussed in our country and yet still not fully acknowledged: the nationwide presence of buildings and infrastructures of which the implementation has never been completed.

Alterazioni Video and Fosbury Architecture will present the book INCOMPIUTO: The Birth of a Style, published by Humboldt Books; the publication accompanies the reader on a modern Grand Tour amid our contemporary ruins with a collection of images and words supporting the provocative yet faultless thesis that the Incompiuto is the most prominent Italian architectural style since WWII.

Alessandro Bonizzoni and Veronica Caprino (Fosbury Architecture)
Andrea Masu (Alterazioni Video)
Moderator: Wu Ming