Fashion Documents

Fashion Documents is the focus of Fruit Exhibition 6.
It’s a space where fashion and publishing cross their boundaries  to give birth to a selection of editorial projects using fashion as a looking glass through which looking at the world.
Fashion Documents is also a program of conferences featuring the founders and editors of three of the most interesting independent fashion publications.

Saturday, 3rd February, h. 16.30
Emmy Koski and Vincenzo Angileri, editor-in-chief and editor of Odiseo (Barcelona, 2014) in conversation with Simone Sbarbati, cofounder and director of FrizziFrizzi.

Saturday, 3rd February, h. 18:00
Dal Chodha, editor of the Archivist (London, 2012), in conversation with Marta Franceschini, fashion researcher and PhD student at Iuav University (Venice).

Sunday, 4th February, h.18:00
Anna Carraro, fashion director of Hunter (Milan, 2011), in conversation with Saul Marcadent, curator of Fashion Documents.

The program of conferences and publications selection is curated by Saul Marcadent in collaboration with Anna Carniel. Image by Alan Chies.