Let’s Queer!

@photo artwork by Anna Amelina – specially for Polyester Zine

The queer publications section of Fruit Exhibition 6

Let’s Queer! An international overview of different forms of publication offering a window on the discrepancy and deconstruction of social representations, and ultimately analyzing social identities through the performative lenses. A kaleidoscopic – sometimes colorful, sometimes stern and austere – genre-based scenario.

Curated by Anna Ferraro and Guendalina Piselli.

H 07.15 PM | TALK

Jordan Coulombe (Canada -Spain) – Editor of Crooked Fagazine
Crooked Print: A Brief History of Fagazines and the Canadian Queer scenery

Mariagloria Posani (Italy)- graphic designer activist and author of A Queer Culture Illustrated Guide
Il potere del linguaggio nell’identità, nell’auto affermazione, e contro il binarismo

Vincent Simon (Francia)- art books publisher, founder of the trade Septembre éditions and co-founder and co-organizer of the Paris Ass Book Fair
A vertiginous life around Queer publications, art and events

Elisa Manici e Irene Pasini (Italy), redattrici del La Falla.
La Falla: resistenza e innovazione queer sotto le due torri

Ione Gamble (UK) – founding editor in chief of Polyester Zine
Zine culture and representation of marginalised bodies in the alternative media

With Emmy Koski, Editor-in-Chief and Vincenzo Angileri, Editor and Writer
Odiseo (Spain) Vol.11 Cocoon

Moderator: Mario Di Martino, Artistic director of  “Divergenti” international festival of trans cinema – Vice President of MIT (Movimento Identità Trans)

H 09.15 PM |Odiseo 11 release party

Kim Berly – Performance
Artist: Ruud Rudy Van Moorleghem

Pictures shot by Tiny Geeroms

Raised by Kacey, a famous pole dancer and Benji, the bouncer of club Amnesia. Kim was very young when she became one of the most important party hosts of Ibiza. At the age of 25, she got hit by a couple of super strong laser lights. After this tragic incident, Kim went blind and had to wear a pressure mask for life. Ibiza ditched this amazing host. At the moment Kim is trying to get her confidence back in the underground scene. Looking for love and intimacy through the way of music and dance. With the skills of her mom and dad, this will not be a problem…

Let Kim Berly host you!

In collaboration with: Cassero, lgbt center
Media partner: Mit. Movimento identità transessuale