CARICIAS Mauro / Battaglia

photographic exhibition
8-30th September 2017



Frida that moustache!

Frida that brow!

Frida has been for the artist, Mauro Battaglia, The Discovery in every way: her very own life has fed her art, celebrated in her famous portraits. So the artist started photographing himself; “because I was the person that I knew best”.
It was a significant and slow journey, before starting to ‘look’ at others wishing to see them as actors in his photographs.
The exhibition ‘Caricias’ is an extract from a wider project, inspired by Frida, started a year ago, that has found its own life when the artist begun to ask what he could and wanted to tell with his photography.

Passion, sensuality, iconography and passion with which the Mexican painter has woven her strong paintings: dreams, sorrows, and colors soaked by a dramatic flavour.

In the exhibition there are no genres, male Fridas tell about the human body, their caresses tickling the imagination and telling about the desire, the force that moves the universe.