By Giulia Sagramola
In collaboration with Bologna Design Week 2017

29-30th September, Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini
h. 10:00-17:00

Registration fees: 125€
Min. 9 people
Max. 15 people

What defines a style and what are would shall we make with our own illustrations?

This workshop will show the importance of knowing how to design an illustration, from graphic composition to concepts visualization, analyzing the strong and weak points of each illustrator and highlighting what we need to learn in order to offer a professional work.

Firstly, we will study each illustrator’s visual identity: we’ll understand how to build it, make it stronger and expand it, identifying the uniqueness of each work: basically, we will see what we can offer to a possible customer.

After, we will analyze what is a portfolio, what means to create one on social medias and how the image of our online work affects our work, focusing on possible ways of self-promotion.

In conclusion, we will analyze the directions that we can take in the field of illustration and we will learn how to calculate the costs of our work, giving some practical clarifications on invoices, copyright, occasional services, etc..


We will take notes and write down quotations together (booooooring, but at least we will learn how much to be paid and how to do these things!).

Then we will work on our portfolio and online identity, selecting our best works and studying them in order to determine what kind of customers might be appropriate and what we can do to improve our online image.

Let’s expand our working horizons! There will be a moment to make a portfolio review and examine together each work.

Finally, the more substancial part of the pratice: a training to commissioned work.
We will practice to design illustrations but- ATTENTION- as in every commissioned work, there will be limits (color, format, time, mad stuff,..). Consider it as a training to the practical or technical ‘limitations’ of the real works that will come, to exercise us doing our best in every occasion.

It’s important to bring a portfolio with a selection of personal works by our own pleasure (printed or digital) in the format .jpg or .gif ready to be used in the PC.

Every participant must have:

-Laptop (Photoshop installed and access to Google Sheet, Excel or similar)
-Drawing material (pencil, rubber, colored pencils, markers,..)
-Paper as ‘Schizza e Strappa’ or printing A4 papers