Gornland by Thomas Raimondi

Pornographic sex, violence, blood, sublimation of unreal. Overlaid images, emotional confusion.
In the modern society everything is commercialized, indispensable.

Porn represents the brutalization of feelings, the induced idealization.

Gore is the violence, the abusive instinct, the extreme.

Disneyland as the archetype of fun, the land of lost childhood dreams where the unreal becomes tangible and the grotesque is accepted.

The exasperated fantasy world, the brutal explicit sex, the ornamental violence represent the same overlaid concept. the non-acceptance of himself and reality through hallucinatory distortion.

The soundtrack is mess, laments. Deafening noise, unhealthy tecno . Cotton candy surrounds and suffocates you. Endless beats mark hypnotic and eccentric

Gornoland is the land of misunderstanding where the inner child overlay and muffle everything he sees making his fantasy and perversions come true.

Gornoland is the cynical and antipop look.
Gornoland is addiction to shock.
Gornoland is the land of mirrors where what you dislike is what you are.
Gornoland is the desired and rejected land. It’s colorful vomit.
Gornoland is inability on analysis and judgment.
Gornoland is the representation of art against itself.
Gornoland where dreams come true.

30 June – 29 July 2017 c/o Guasto Village
Largo Respighi – Via Del Guasto. Bologna